Women's Ministry Activities

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Women's retreat 2019: on March 1-3

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Women's Bible Studies at Grace

Beginning Wednesday, January 30th

Choose from three studies!

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Who Do You Say That I Am?

A fresh encounter for deeper faith.

Do you know Jesus as He really is?

How we answer defines our lives both now and forever. This study in the "I AM" statements of Jesus will help women move from knowing about Him to knowing Him personally.

This study will include a 40 minute video teaching each session, group discussion time, and homework opportunities during the week to go deeper.

Discussion leaders: Deb Peterson and Mary Eutizi

9:30-11:30 Wednesday mornings


We will be doing a set of Bible readings similar to the Community Bible Experience Grace did a year or two ago. We will be reading the "Poets," namely Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, and Lamentations. These books tie in well with our continued Grace emphasis on loving God and loving others.

There will be special books available for those who would like to read the full content and have it in a convenient paperback copy. There will also be alternative options with less reading per day, if that works better for you. We will be combining the reading with trying a couple of new, simple spiritual practices. Discussion time will include reading a short passage together and going deeper with how it relates to our lives today, then sharing highlights from our personal readings during the week.

Group 1--Poets study for moms with children at home

Discussion leaders: Becca Anderson and Michelle Fleming

Group 2--Poets study for all women

Discussion leader: Brenda Heddles (with other leaders as needed)

9:30-11:30 Wednesday mornings

As part of the new initiative Stort-Term-Groups, there will also be a Poets study group for women on Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm, starting February 5th.