Community Nights

Wednesdays, 3/1 to 3/29

What Are Community Nights?

Starting March 1st, we're kicking off another round of Community Nights to celebrate the Lord and each other!

This is a weeknight opportunity to increase our ability to grow in our faith and in our relationships. And, while want this for all of Grace, we're trying hard in this new endeavor to embrace and support families with students and children who often can't carve out the time because they are bound up caring for their kids when groups usually meet.

So, Community Nights will be a place to try to do that. We'll start at 5:30pm with a no-cost meal (including kid-friendly options), worship a little together in song, and then break out into smaller groups for bible study. We'll supply child-care for younger children, and offer age-appropriate groups for students and older children to also engage. And we'll end the evening by 7:15pm so families can get kids home to prep for bed-times.

And You Help with Food, Set Up, Clean Up?

Ready to Sign Up to Attend? (and/or help with child care?)