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Say YES!

“Youth Experiencing Services” Launches 6/24

Our GraceFIT (Family & Intergenerational Transformation) team will kick off a new way for us to all worship as a unified body called “YES!”…which stands for Youth Experiencing Services. Our goal is to implement something that might not actually be that novel, namely to include children to worship with us every Sunday. What’s new is our process, with a point in the service where we’ll pray for them as they are invited to be safely escorted to their classrooms. Parents – you have choices in this, and we respect your role as the discipleship leaders of your families.  

For more info and/or to provide your feedback, check it out at GraceFIT or you can email Brian Brinkley or Sue Montanez directly.    

G-City Sundays

New Focus for 5th Sundays

As we continue our journey toward building intergenerational relationships, we’ve decided to change up our 5th Sunday focus here at Grace. As you might know we were targeting these as Family Sundays, but the more we researched, discussed, and prayed about this, our direction has become more clarified, namely to move beyond the Family Sunday concept sooner rather than later. Soo…instead, we’ll be targeting these 5th Sundays as special “serving” days where generations can partner together to make a difference in our community. G-City is back! on each 5th Sunday of the month.

What’s G-City? It’s a play on words…it’s Grace turned outward to the City…it’s our Genero-City…it’s our Generations working together to make a difference. We’ll have several serving and giving opportunities available for you and your families to sign up for on G-City days, and we’ll give our Sunday on those days over to rolling up our sleeves to do God’s work in service. 

Our next G-City day will be July 29th – keep an eye on the Big 3 for more info so you can plan your day to help us make a difference.

T-Shirts! Today!

Blender is Selling T’s to Benefit Space-for-Grace

If you just love our Grace T-Shirts, you’re in luck!  Our Blender will be taking orders for them for a couple of Sundays starting on June 17th, and for the next two Sundays to follow. The cost will be $20, and proceeds will benefit our Space-For-Grace building expansion fund. 

Don’t miss out…these T’s are comfy, stylish, and for a great cause!

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