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Don't go through separation or divorce alone

At Grace, we currently offer DivorceCare in the late Spring/Summer months. If you are interested in helping us with this important ministry, or if you need someone to talk to, please reach out to Pastor Brian at [email protected] .

You can also seek a DivorceCare session at

DivorceCare is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. You don’t need to go through separation or divorce alone.

We want to welcome everyone going through the pain of separation and divorce, whatever stage of this process that you may be in.


Further details: 

  • Registration Fee: $20.00 (includes workbook)
  • Child Care Provided? TBD
  • Scholarships Available? Yes
  • Where: TBD
  • Room location: TBD

To learn more about DivorceCare, click here. For more information, or to sign up, please fill out the form below: