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Zoom Meetings at Grace

Requesting, hosting, joining, getting help with Grace video conference meetings using Zoom.

During this challenging time we need to be connected with each other. To help our Grace family to do that we have set up some Grace Zoom accounts to facilitate virtual meetings (video conferences) for church teams and small groups. Several have already started and we encourage you to jump in and give it a try.

If you have concerns about Zoom based on recent press coverage, we've prepare this note on SECURITY CONCERNS WITH ZOOM.

Note: DO NOT share any Grace Zoom links or passwords on social media!

Hosting and joining a meeting

If you haven't done so already, download the Zoom app to your phone, tablet or computer (https://zoom.us/download). (See the practical guides for more details: iPhone, Windows)

The Grace meeting host will send a meeting link to you by email or text message, along with a password.

Example (not real) : https://zoom.us/j/123999434

Click on the link and the Zoom app should open, enter this meetings password and you will be in the meeting. Sometimes it takes a few minutes for the video and audio to initialize. Just hang in there!

Touch the screen (or move the mouse over the display) to see the Zoom menu at the bottom. Use the icons on the far left to unmute your voice and turn on your video.

You can also dial in as a simple phone call if you need to attend but don't have access to Zoom.

(346) 248-7799 or (669) 900-6833

Meeting ID: 123 456 789 (Use the number at the end of the Zoom link for your meeting.)

Use *6 to mute and unmute yourself in the meeting.

Helpful first time video: (YouTube)

Zoom support - Getting started

Zoom meeting requests

Regular meetings

If you need to schedule regular video meetings for your small group or ministry team we will create a specific Zoom meeting and link that you can use each time. Make a request using the form below or by email to [email protected].

Ad hoc meetings

If you need to create a one-time meeting, or multiple different meeting with different groups we can help you set that up as well.


If this is a one-time meeting, you may already have a scheduled meeting link. If the time slot is free on the schedule below, feel free to go ahead and hold your meeting. In rare cases you may collide with another meeting. To be sure you won't collide, you can add your meeting to the schedule by sending us your meeting request using the form below.

Zoom security concerns

DO NOT share any Grace Zoom links or passwords on social media!

The Zoom articles from April 1 concerning shared videos are not a risk if meetings are not recorded. Recording is disabled for Grace Zoom meetings.

There are currently about 200 million people using Zoom on a given day. We are not alone in working with Zoom. There is a lot in the press about Zoom and hacking and data privacy and safety concerns. We (Jim and Charlie as IT professionals) take these concerns very seriously and are looking into each as they arise.

The published hacking vulnerabilities are related to very specific circumstances and highly unlikely in our context. They involve either the bad actor actually sitting at your computer, or being in your Zoom meeting and sendin a bad weblink via the chat in the meeting. You should be safe from both of these.

Also, as with all social media applications, there are data privacy concerns being mentioned in the press regarding Zoom usage. Our selected method of usage reduces many of these concerns. But, please contact [email protected] if you would prefer to consider an alternative.

Each small group or team meeting will have a link and a password unique to their meetings. If this is a recurring meeting the same link and password will be used. You can also always connect by a traditional phone call and completely avoid any Zoom installation on your phone of computer if you prefer.

There are also additional security options that can be used if necessary, but we think this gives us a reasonable balance between convenience and security. We are monitoring the situation and can change our meeting setups if it becomes necessary.

Grace Zoom security precautions

  1. Each team/group has its own unique Zoom link.
  2. Each team/group has its own unique password.
  3. We are providing links that require the manual entry of the password. Even if someone tried the link randomly they would be stopped by the password.
  4. There is no log in besides the password required, so no tracking of any personal information.
  5. Recordings are disabled for all Grace Zoom meetings, unless we determine there is aa specific need and take the necessary precautions.
  6. Phone access to the meetings is available for anyone not wanting to use the Zoom application or video.

Zoom Practical Helps