Young Adults


Are you interested in forming a group with people who can relate to the things going on in your stage of life, who want to connect in meaningful ways, who want to deepen their faith & serve their community, all while having fun?

If so, let us know! At Grace, we know of others in this stage of life who are also interested. We'd love to connect you with a kick-off event to see if we can get one or more groups going.

What's a "Young Adult?" Really, what we've found is that there are transitions people go through as life progresses...moving into newer areas of life where big things are happening. Graduating, getting into that first...or, finding a life partner, having kids. These transitions bring challenges that we can handle a little better by growing in relationships with each other and Christ to help us through.

That's what we mean at Grace by "Young Adult"'s less about age than it is about stage.