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Kids, Parents, Grandparents, Care-givers!! Don't miss what's happening in Children's and Parents' Ministries! Visit mygrace.church/children and mygrace.church/parents for all the scoop and weekly updates.

After our service, join us in the Virtual Breezeway for some conversation and to see everyone! To join us, visit mygrace.church/vbreezeway after the service. You'll enter a "waiting room" until we're all gathered up and ready to go, so hang tight and we'll be together soon!

Update as of June 5th

G-City results

A huge thank you for your participation in G-City! As you know G-City is our church-wide set of serving projects offered each time a month has 5 Sundays, on or around that 5th Sunday. For our May 31st G-City, there were four projects that we executed, all while respecting social distancing guidelines! For all projects, used Room 2 (the Welcome Room) at Grace as our pickup and dropoff "station" for the weeks leading up to May 31st. Here are the results:

$770 in Meal Gift Cards for GAP Families – With 7 SPLASH homes, that’s more than $100 per family!

Filled the large bin with non-perishables food for the ICS pantry!

More than 200 cards for National Guard and Operation Gratitude missions!

Way to go Grace!!

When will Grace re-open?

With certain restrictions being removed in our state, we are getting questions about when Grace will reopen. We want you to know that a team is in place now, working on our re-opening plan. We want to err on the side of safety as we love each other the way Jesus instructed us to do! Though we don't have a date identified yet, we'll keep you posted here and in other ways to keep you up to date with us.

Thank you if you participated in our survey asking about re-opening! The responses have been received and analyzed, and the re-opening team is using your input along with other information as they develop the plan.

We miss you so much and look forward to being able to gather together again as soon as it's feasible!

Although Grace isn't "wide open," our office is manned (by our very own faithful Sandie Ramm) during usual business hours. If you have questions or need assistance, Sandie knows how to help you out. Feel free to call or email the office for help ([email protected], 520-575-1444).

Resources for Families

Families matter at Grace! We have a new mygrace page that can help you navigate easily to our Children's Ministry and our Parents pages. Our family ministry leaders (Pastor Brian, Mel, and Lucy) have been continually creating great content for YOU and YOUR kiddos! Check it out here: mygrace.church/families

Study Ephesians with us!

Join us on Thursdays at 6:30pm for a bible study that everyone's invited to join! We are studying the book of Ephesians with Pastor Duane leading the study. Following a 30-minute section where everyone's together, we break out into small groups for deeper discussions. It's all via Zoom, so even friends and family from afar can join us!

For more info, check out the mygrace.church/ephesians page. We've got study questions and videos posted from the first half hour of each study, so even if you can't be there, you can follow along!

How are you doing?

We are family in Christ, and we're here for each other. Please keep us posted as to how you and your family are doing. Drop us a line using the Grace Hello Card, or a simple email to [email protected].

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