Thursday prayer

A time on Thursday evening to pray for the Grace family, our community, nation and the world.

"When doubts filled my mind, your comfort gave me renewed hope and cheer.” (Psalm 94:19)

Email [email protected] for the Zoom and phone information to join our online prayer time at 7pm.

Prayer resources:

Thursday - April 2, 2020 - 7pm

For our Grace family

  • Healing and hope - Peggy V, Clydene, Emily K, Linda K and sister,
  • Courage and generosity
  • New or renewed connections (virtually)
  • Patience, love and wisdom for families managing complicated schedules

For our community

  • For all the children and youth at home (indefinitely)
  • For the economically suffering (great employment loss in hospitality)
  • For our healthcare workers - wisdom, stamina, courage, freedom from fear
  • ...

For our nation

  • Humility and wisdom for governmental leaders
  • Provision of the necessary medical resources
  • A turning to our only true hope
  • ...

For the world

  • Freedom from the COVID-19 virus (BREAKTHROUGHS!)
  • Find hope in Jesus
  • For laborers to be sent into the harvest
  • For a great harvest into the Kingdom of God
  • ...