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WHAT IS THE BLENDER ALL ABOUT? In 1 Corinthians 12:24-27, Paul tells the church that "God has BLENDED together the body... Now you are Christ’s body, and each of you is a member of it." We know that students each have different gifts, strengths, frustrations, and joys. This is the reason that we are called the Blender. We are designed to be a place where students in 6th-12th grade do four things: live life together, learn about Jesus, encounter God, and serve others.

Sign up for meals

At the Blender, we believe that sharing a meal together each week is foundational for building relationships. Follow this link to Sign-Up-Genius to sign up and to get meal ideas. Remember that our campus is a peanut free environment and don’t forget a vegetarian and gluten free snack.

Your time and offering to the students and leaders is greatly appreciated! If you have any questions, you can reach Brian at [email protected]

Whats Happening This Week? (Feb 24th)

We are 2 weeks into our series on change!!

If you were granted three wishes, it would probably be pretty easy to come up with three things you wish you could change about your life or the world around you. Maybe that’s because we know the world isn’t always the way it should be – and neither are we. In this 4-week series, students will seek change in the world and in their own hearts by turning to God in prayer. Because prayer equals change when we begin and end with God, pray with God’s own words, pray like Jesus prayed, and pray for what matters most.

This week our Big Idea is that Prayer Equals Change when we Pray Like Jesus Prayed.

Take a look at Luke 11:1, Matthew 6:9-13, and Luke 5:16.


Go to

and check out all of the amazing video resources available to parents for free! This summit is live until the 27th, so make sure you get on there and check out the topics. You can learn from 50 Christian experts who teach and discuss the key role relationships play in answering all of these questions and raising your teen with a vibrant faith in Jesus. 

Learn. Be Encouraged. Think Critically. Connect. 

The Parenting Relationships Summit is LIVE until February 27th!

If you have any questions, or would like to explore opportunities to help support our students, please reach out to Brian at [email protected]

What does our February Calendar Look Like?

Feb 3rd

Super Bowl Party!! 4pm-Game End

Feb 8th-9th

30 hour Famine Lock-in at Grace. 6pm Friday-6pm Saturday.

More info of the Famine:

Feb 10th

Normal Blender 6pm-8pm

Feb 13th

High School Small Group. Metas House at 6pm

Feb 15th

Middle School Small Group 6pm at Grace

Feb 17th

Student Leader Meeting 430pm-530pm

Normal Blender 6pm-8pm

Feb 20th

High School Small Group at Metas House at 6pm

Feb 22nd

Middle School Small Group 6pm at Grace

Feb 24th

Normal Blender 6pm-8pm

Feb 27th

High School Small Group 6pm at Metas House.

March 1st

Middle School Small Group at Grace 6pm