Short-Term Groups

5-Week Sessions Start April 23rd

Starting April 23rd!

Welcome to Grace's Short Term Groups!

At Grace, relationships matter. Relationships are a key way we grow in our love for God and for others.

To encourage relationship building, Grace is offering a new concept in small groups...we call it “Short-Term Groups.”

Short-Term Groups meet concurrently on Tuesday evenings, each for 4-10 weeks. Each group will have a different focus, and you can sign up for one of the groups ahead of time, right here on this page. 

The idea is to offer Short-Term Groups a few times during the year to enable you to sign up for different topics, and to make new friendships. Ultimately, as friendships grow, it’s possible that we’ll see new Life Groups emerge.

More info? Questions? You can contact Sue Montanez ([email protected]) or Jim Heddles ([email protected])

Here's the Line Up for our Next Session:

The When, Where

Three new groups will start Tuesday, April 23rd.

All groups will meet at Grace starting at 6:00pm and ending by 7:30pm.

Childcare will be provided (be sure to specify if you require it!)

Snacks will be provided at can grab a lite bite and take it with you to your group session starting at 6:00pm. Donations appreciated!

The Groups (see below for descriptions):

  • GROWING WITH: We want to stay connected with our maturing child, but we're not sure how. And deep down, we fear our child doesn't want or need us. But growing up doesn't have to mean growing apart. Join group leader Brian Brinkley in reading and discussing Growing With by Kara Powell and Steven Argue.

  • DO YOU LOVE ME? by Debbie Swindoll is an invitation to develop a genuinely personal relationship with God. Do you operate at a distance from God, unsure about how He really feels about you, or uncertain if you want Him intimately involved in your life? Join group leaders Jim & Brenda Heddles in a discussion of these questions and God desires to lead us into a loving, grace-filled and personal relationship with Him. The study includes daily readings and reflection. 

  • LISTENING PRAYER: Grab your prayer journal and start listening to what God wants to say to you today. Group leader Sue Montanez will lead us in reading and discussing The Art of Listening Prayer by Seth Barnes. We’ll learn how God wants to speak to us personally, how to draw closer to Him, and how to use a practical process to hear from him on a daily basis.

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