Short-Term Groups

Next Session Starts Mid-August

Our Next Session Starts in August

Welcome to Grace's Short Term Groups!

At Grace, relationships matter. Maintaining intentional relationships are a key way we grow in our love for God and for others.

One way that we encourage relationship building at Grace is through something we call “Short-Term Groups.”

Short-Term Groups meet concurrently on Tuesday evenings, each for 4-10 weeks. Each group will have a different focus, and you can sign up for one of the groups ahead of time, right here on this page. 

The idea is to offer Short-Term Groups a few times during the year to enable you to sign up for different topics, and to make new friendships. Ultimately, as friendships grow, it’s possible that we’ll see new Life Groups emerge.

More info? Questions? You can contact Sue Montanez ([email protected]) or Jim Heddles ([email protected])

Have You Participated in a Short-Term Group at Grace?

Tell us about your experience! We'd love to know if and how you felt closer to God and others, or if there were any ways we can make improvements!