Short-Term Groups

8-Week Sessions Start February 5th

Starting February 5th

Welcome to Grace's Short Term Groups!

At Grace, relationships matter. Relationships are a key way we grow in our love for God and for others.

To encourage relationship building, Grace will pilot a new concept in small groups...we call it “Short-Term Groups.”

Short-Term Groups will be up to 5 concurrent groups held on Tuesday evenings, each for 8-10 weeks. Each group will have a different focus, and you can sign up for one of the groups ahead of time, right here on this page. 

The idea is to offer Short-Term Groups a few times during the year to enable you to sign up for different topics, and to make new friendships. Ultimately, as friendships grow, it’s possible that we’ll see new Life Groups emerge.

More info? Questions? You can contact Sue Montanez ([email protected]) or Jim Heddles ([email protected])

Here's the Line Up for our Pilot:

The When, Where

Most groups will start Tuesday, February 5th; Our Group #3 on Worship will start on Tuesday, February 12th. All groups will meet at Grace starting at 6:30pm and ending by 8:00pm.

Childcare will be provided (be sure to specify if you require it!)

Dinner will be provided at 6:00pm for a suggested donation of $5/person, $15 max per family.

The Groups (see below for descriptions):

* Short Term Group #1 - Starts Feb 5th - Poets Readings/Discussion, Open to All - Led by Jim Heddles

* Short Term Group #2 - Starts Feb 5th - Women's Ministry Poets Readings/Discussion - Led by Brenda Heddles

* Short Term Group #3 - Starts Feb 12th - Worship, Open to all - Led by Janette Henson

* Short Term Group #4 - Starts Feb 5th - Growing Up Social, Open to all - Led by Brian Brinkley

The Poets

Groups 1 & 2 will both be doing a set of Bible readings similar to the Community Bible Experience Grace did about a year ago. The sessions will be reading the "Poets," namely Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, and Lamentations. We felt these books would be a good fit with a continued emphasis on loving God and others.

We will be doing it in a slightly different way this time. There will be special books available, as before, for those who would like to read the full content and have it in a convenient paperback copy. But we will also provide shorter editions, with less reading per day.  What will also be unique this time is that we are combining the reading with an emphasis on trying a couple of new, simple spiritual practices.  For more details about this study visit the Poets tab on MyGrace.


Group 3 will undertake a trip through the Bible to learn about worship styles, practices, and evolution over time. The group will do experiential sampling of various worship styles (music, arts, prayer).

Growing Up Social

Group 4 will be a book reading and discussion group looking at how in this digital age, children are spending more and more time interacting with a screen and less time playing outside, reading a book, or interacting with a parent. While technology can benefit us, it can also erode a sense of togetherness and hinder a child’s emotional and social development. In Growing Up Social, authors Gary Chapman and Arlene Pellicane will empower you with the tools you need to make positive changes . . . starting today.

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