Pastoral Search Team

Looking for a Faithful Team to Help Us

The Foundations Team is discussing, praying for and seeking discernment of formation of a Search Team for Grace Church’s new Senior Lead Pastor. If a person has interest or would like to suggest someone that you feel should be considered for this Team. Please contact the Foundations Team at [email protected] or by filling out the form below to submit your interest or a suggested name.

We are not fully certain or have decided on the exact number of people that will be on this Team, but it will be likely somewhere between 8-10. Our desire is to have this Team made up of people that have exhibited good faithful service, love, discerning wisdom, and desire for unity here at Grace Church. Only people with Membership at Grace Church will be considered. Please be praying for the Foundations Team as we will be praying, reviewing and giving serious thought to the makeup of this important Team. 

The plan of the Foundations Team is to have a well discerned Search Team to present at a Congregational Meeting in early March for an approval voting.