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Grace Re-Opening Plan

Doing What Love Requires

With certain restrictions being lifted in our state, we are getting questions about when Grace will reopen. We want you to know that a team is in place now, working on our re-opening plan. We want to err on the side of safety as we love each other the way Jesus instructed us to do! Though we don't have a date identified yet, we'll keep you posted here and in other ways to keep you up to date with us.

SRTF - Our "Safely Re-Opening Task Force"

Our team is comprised of Grace members who care about you and love you!

Rob Baker

Paula Sims

Harriet Diss

Rod Peterson

Pastor Duane Cross

Brian Brinkley

Janette Henson

Sue Montanez

Phased Approach to our Re-Opening

Grace's SRTF is working on the details for how to re-open in a phased approach that will respect health and safety guidelines and our love for all who enter our doors. Preliminarily, our plan involves multiple phases, which progressively leads us toward fully re-opening. We can't put an accurate timeline on the phases just now, but stay tuned and we'll communicate as soon as we can!

We will remain flexible and open to change as the pandemic evolves. We know there are many points of view about how and when to re-open. We ask for grace for each others' thoughts, and that we all remember that as Jesus' followers, our goal is unity and peace as the church, His body.

If you have any specific questions or concerns, please scroll down, and fill out the form below to let us know!

Phase 1

We are in Phase 1 now - We encourage you to reconnect / stay connected with each other and with God. We are all tired of the virus and would like things to go back to the way they were. We are seeing the effects of quarantine fatigue.       


We recommend:

  • if you are sick stay home
  • wear a mask...remember, my mask protects you and your mask protects me
  • social distance by staying 6 feet away from others
  • good hand hygiene
  • increase the size of your social circle when you feel safe
  • stay aware of COVID-19 case counts and trends to inform your decisions (Click here for AZ Dept of Health site)
  • Follow the CDC Guidelines to help prevent becoming sick or spreading the virus (Click here for CDC Guidelines)

We encourage you to:

  1. watch Grace’s streamed worship service Sunday morning and as soon as you feel safe invite friends over to watch with you
  2. join the all-church online Alpha starting August 3rd
  3. meet again as a life group as soon as you feel safe
  4. start a group, contact Sue our Connections Director ([email protected])

Phase 2

The SRTF is meeting regularly to assess health trends, review the experiences of other churches, and consider alternatives and what will be needed at Grace for a safe re-opening. Before we can move to any level of re-opening, the team is considering several criteria:

  • First, we recognize that Grace is an essential service and as such, we may re-open when we feel it is safe to do.

  • However, we do not plan to re-open while Arizona is still experiencing high case counts and especially as the numbers of sick people within our state surges.

  • We will not re-open while the Governor is banning groups larger than 50 from meeting in public (June 29, 2020).

  • We will not re-open until we have the the following in place:
  • proper signage at the church,
  • methods to ensure the the rooms, seats and stage are appropriately set up (including the capability to rearrange quickly as needed),
  • we have an usher team safely in place and trained with new guidelines,
  • ample masks and hand sanitizer available,
  • a professional cleaning service to appropriately clean and sanitize the Sanctuary and all rooms before worship service (and for all building uses),
  • adequate numbers of trained people and the equipment necessary to reliably produce simultaneous live and live-streaming of the service, enabling us to serve both in-person and online attenders.

  • Based on these, we envision that our next announcement on status and next steps will be Sunday August 16th

Again, if you have questions or concerns please fill out the form below to let us know