Prayer Vigil-Easter 2023

Easter 2023 - April 6-7

Praying together!

Thursday, April 6th at 6:30 pm to Friday, April 7th at 6:30 pm

In the middle of all the changes and challenges of the past year, we've seen more than ever that God is our Rock and that prayer is powerful. At this Easter season, we invite you to join with your brothers and sisters at Grace in setting aside a special time to draw close to the Lord in prayer.

The focus of this prayer vigil is on Jesus, our Savior

  • Remembering the Father's love in sending us His son
  • Reflecting on the death of Jesus and its meaning for us
  • Interceding as Jesus does, for His flock and the world

There will not be a dedicated prayer space at Grace, so feel free to pray at home, at a park, or on a walk. You are also welcome to come by Grace during your time slot and pray outside, in the prayer garden, or as you walk around the campus.

Finish together with the Good Friday service at 6:30 pm (live and live-streamed).


The outcome of this prayer vigil should be the outcome of every prayer vigil: God’s people entering into right relationship with Him so that His plans and purposes can be carried out through us (Matthew 6:10).

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Click on the following link to sign up - Signup Genius-Prayer Vigil

You are encouraged to pick one or more time slots, with each slot allowing for multiple names.

We encourage you to try and set aside other activities for the the full 30 minutes. Prayer isn't just asking God for things. You can certainly use this time to pray for yourself and others, but also to listen to worship music, to read the Scriptures, or just be still in God's presence.