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Pray for Grace's Ministry Staff

Make a one day per month commitment to pray

When God calls a person into ministry, it’s both a blessing and a sacrifice. Dave, Brian, and all the staff at Grace have given much of themselves both to God and to us in their obedience to follow Christ into ministry. 

What we can do for them? We can pray.

Paul encouraged the Ephesians to be persistent in their prayers for believers everywhere. But then he also asked them to pray for him, as well. 

Ask God to give me the right words so that I can boldly explain God’s mysterious plan.” Paul knew that, as a leader in the church, he both needed and benefited from the prayers of the people around him. The same is true for Dave, Brian, and all the staff at Grace – they need and benefit from our prayers.

James wrote: “The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.” When we pray for our pastoral staff, our prayers provide real, tangible help to them. When we ask God for blessing, protection, wisdom, and guidance for them, we provide genuine support for their families and their relationships.

Grace is establishing a perpetual prayer calendar for our pastors and staff. We want to ask each of you to commit to pray one day each month for our church staff.

The link below will take you to a Signup Genius page where you can choose a date each month that works best for you.  For example, if you sign up for the “6th”, you’ll be setting aside special time on every 6th of the month (Jan 6, Feb 6, Mar 6, etc.) to pray for the staff. Our desire is to get multiple people signed up for each day, so that every day of the year several people will be lifting up Dave, Brian, and our staff in prayer.

In a few weeks, we will post a calendar showing the sign-ups, as an ongoing reminder to our commitments. We will also have a “Geek Squad” table in the breezeway after the services to help people set monthly reminders on their smartphones. Thanks for your willingness to bless Dave, Brian, and the staff in this manner!