All You Need to Know to Immerse Yourself!

Join Us for a Journey into Love

Starting February 3rd

8-Week Reading Plan

POETS reading plans (audio, full, short, book)

How Do I Get Involved?

There are several ways you can join in!

* Join one of our Tuesday evening Short Term Groups or Wednesday morning Women's Studies

* Drop in on Sunday mornings at 9am with our Sunday group in Room 2 at Grace

* Participate within your current Life Group (several will be doing POETS with us)

* Do the reading plan of your choice on your own (see above)

* Contact Sue Montanez ([email protected] ) to get connected!

Some background and details:

Grace is launching a new all-church reading plan that sync's up with our continued emphasis on loving God and others. We chose a selection from the Immerse series called “Poets”, which covers Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, and Lamentations.  The catch? We're doing this reading in eight weeks!

But, really, there is no catch. Because you have options in how you'll participate with us. There will be special books available for those who would like to read the full content and have it in a convenient paperback copy. But we will also provide a shorter edition, with less reading per day. As another way to deepen our experience, we are combining the reading with an emphasis on trying a couple of new, simple spiritual practices.  

You can find more information about Poets at this link - http://immersebible.com/poets/.  We have copies of the Poets book available for purchase in the breezeway on Sundays, along with the shorter edition. Stop by to peruse and see if you'd like to try this out!

There are three basic elements to our Poets experience:

1. The weekly readings - You choose your preferred way to do this. You can read from:

  • The full text with the dedicated book ($10 for the book), or
  • Use your own Bible and read the passages indicated each week (Bible app, YouVersion) , or
  • A “Family Guide” handout (PDF printed out) with fewer daily passages - you can buy the Family Guide from Grace for $2 or download the Family Guide for free.
  • Daily audio readings (20 min/day) - web or podcasts (Android or Apple)
  • Click HERE for a download of the 40-day reading plan (PDF format) for the full text and shorter selections (or you can pick one up at Grace or see below)

2. Sunday morning services - Pastor Dave's messages in the weekend services will come from the passages we will read each week, to help you connect closer to God through what you will be reading.

3. Join a group to discuss what you're discovering. Here are options:

  • Short Term Groups (Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm starting 2/5)
  • Women's Study Groups (Wednesday mornings at 9:30am starting 1/30, or Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm starting 2/5)
  • Sunday Morning Group - This is an open group that meets at 9am on Sundays at Grace (Room 2). We'll be discussing the readings and spiritual practices during this Immerse experience starting 2/3. Feel free to just drop in to join us.

More Info:

  • Poets: A “Bible Reading Experience” - http://immersebible.com/poets/
  • Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, and Lamentations
  • Multiple reading options - full content or selected passages
  • An opportunity to try a couple of new spiritual practices
  • From February 3rd to March 31st (8 weeks)
  • A Group Host Guide is available (not specific to Poets, but provides an overview and some practical suggestions; note that the “video trailer” that is mentioned is not yet available for Poets)