Local Outreach

Helping Those Most At-Risk

Here at Grace, we want to help Jesus in His work to love others through outreach efforts. Our Outreach Team continually works to discern how best to do that within our community. Their goal is to have the greatest impact we can to fulfill felt needs and to help people come to know and have a personal relationship with Jesus.

Our Outreach Team is responsible for setting the vision and goals and to help with project coordination and approvals for Grace outreach efforts.

Outreach Mission at Grace

  • Releasing our gifts and passions to serve the local community so they can be loved, belong & believe.
  • Be loved = meeting felt needs with the Great Commandment in mind
  • Belong = people we reach finding a faith community where they can belong
  • Believe = people are being discipled, to take one step closer to Jesus

To be as effective as we can, the team has outlined the following ministry scope:

  • 7-mile radius of Grace: our primary focus, with the “belong” goal being at Grace
  • 20-mile radius of Grace: our secondary focus, with the “belong” goal being a local church close/accessible to the ministry/people we are partnering with to serve

To that end, the Outreach Team has identified four key projects for Grace to pursue to help impact at risk kids and seniors in our community. These four projects include partnering with:

The Loving Church: The Loving Church is dedicated to serving the spiritual and physical needs of the surrounding community, including worship services in both English and Korean, and including providing meals to people who need them.

GAP Ministries: Our goals will include both outreach at GAP SPLASH Houses/Warehouse as well as invitations to join events and worship at Grace.

ICS Ministries: By partnering with Interfaith Community Services, we can help seniors in our area with transportation, meal delivery, and friendly phone calls to check in on them weekly.

  • Another new and key program we can support is ICS' Workforce Development Center (WFDC). From job readiness to soft skill development to self-efficacy programs, the WFDC supports clients on their path to develop the skills and confidence needed to secure a job and stay employed.

Care Portal: CarePortal is an online platform that brings the needs of hurting children and families in our community to our attention. Caseworkers uncover the needs. CarePortal makes local churches aware, giving them a real-time opportunity to respond. Grace support can include delivery of items (transportation), delivery team (ministering to family), prayer, shopping,


  • TRUCKS NEEDED! Can you help us to help CarePortal with deliveries? Fill in the form below!

Power Over Predators: Power Over Predators works to alert adults and kids to the critical dangers of in-person and online abuse, equipping and empowering them with skills to prepare, intervene, and protect from victimization.

SISTER Connection: SISTER Connection is a not for profit, Christ-centered ministry welcoming women who have been impacted by the judicial system: currently in jail or prison; releasing from jail or prison; on probation or parole; released through pretrial services; and/or have a loved one in prison or previously incarcerated.

Ready to Roll Up Your Sleeves?

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What About Serving Those Farther than the 7-Mile Radius?

Grace's outreach has traditionally spanned a larger area than the current 7-mile radius. The 7-mile radius isn't meant to limit our impact across Tucson! Rather, the efforts we can put forth within the radius enable us to directly support the "Belong" and "Believe" parts of our outreach mission. We want to help those in need with their immediate needs (to help them "Be Loved" right where they are), and also to invite them into our spiritual family at Grace to minister to their spiritual needs, too. When they are within the 7-mile radius, we stand a better chance of them accepting an invitation to worship with us.

But, when there are needs we can meet outside the 7-mile radius (preferably within a 20-mile span), our goal will be to partner with local churches near where our efforts take us so that hopefully those churches can take on the "Belong" and "Believe" goals so important to us.

How Do I Get an Event Going at Grace?

For all events, outreach or otherwise, please submit an Event Request by visiting mygrace.church/events.

Note that the Grace Staff works on annual calendar planning for the upcoming year in the fall of the prior year! As soon as you have an idea you'd like to try something, please submit your request for consideration and timing! The process will include getting back to you either with approval or suggested changes, depending on other events happening at Grace.