The Office

Work with our office staff to prepare materials and presentations for our Sunday services.

Social Media

Do you enjoy social media? We're looking for a few web-saavy people who would enjoy posting updates about the life of the church to our Facebook and Instagram feeds and stories. For more information, contact Sue Montanez.


Help us create weekly bulletins and weekly Sunday video slides for our worship service. Volunteer for general office work and/or special events throughout the year. For more information, contact Sandie Ramm.

Tech Team

Love 'em or hate 'em, computers seem to be part of our lives. We're looking for a few Windows lovers who can take care of periodic, basic office computer maintenance. We're talking about making sure updates are getting done, looking for signs of virus infections, the sort of routine check-ups that will head off problems down the road. For more information, contact Charlie Lehardy.