Being a Good Neighbor

Service Project Ideas for Neighbors in Need

Projects to Do on G-City Sunday (3/31)

Last fall, we learned about Loving our Neighbors and how important it is for us to counter the perception that following Christ is irrelevant, out of touch, hypocritical. We have the opportunity to show radical love…to be attractive for Jesus…when we go out of our way to get to know, spend time with, and help our neighbors.


What if we took a moment to think about a project that would bless our neighbors, whether those are the people who live on our street, or the people we interact with as we go about our daily activities…on the job, at the market, at our kids’ schools, at sports events and outings? Could we pull some weeds for a neighbor? Pick up some groceries? Wash some windows?


What if you saw a need, and asked our Grace family to come around you to support someone(s) in need? 


We want to identify Good Neighbor Projects that we can do to help our congregation serve on G-City Sunday, March 31st

What’s your idea?