Congregational Meetings

November 20th and December 4th

Two Congregational Meetings are on our calendar as follows:

Sunday, November 20th

  • Two brief, identical meetings will be held, one immediately following each worship service.
  • The purpose of these meetings is to provide input for members' consideration in preparation of a vote at our annual meeting on December 4th. Please click the appropriate buttons below to access thematerials that will be distrubuted at the meeting.
  1. The 2023 Proposed Budget
  2. Nominees for Leadership Positions
  3. 2022 Staff Year-End Reports

Sunday, December 4th (Annual Meeting)

  • Join us following second service (noon) for snacks and the meeting content
  • The purpose of this meeting will be to recap 2022 and vote upon the 2023 Budget and new leadership nominees

Membership and voting

Because of our constitution and bylaws as Grace Community Church, there are a few areas of decision that are member-only. The annual budget, constitutional changes, and leadership teams membership are the main member-only votes.

If you are not an official member we still greatly value your participation. Please submit any comments or questions via the form above.