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Meet Pastor Sam Gyorfi

A new beginning at Grace!

We're excited and you should be, too! After many months of prayerful searching, Grace has called Rev. Sam Gyorfi to be our new senior pastor! Mark September 5 on your calendar and join us as Sam begins a new chapter in God's work at Grace Community Church.

Sam and Jenna Gyorfi (Sam says it's pronounced like jerky, with an 'f') met while studying at Wheaton College in Illinois where they were both members of the swim team. Sam is originally from Redwood City, CA and Jenna is from the Chicago area.

Sam has been serving as pastor at an English-speaking church in Zurich, Switzerland for the past five years. The Gyorfis have two children: a son, Berg, and a newborn daughter, Lina. Their desire to be closer to their family in the states is one of the reasons they're moving to Oro Valley.

When asked about his motivations, Sam said:

"I feel called to be a pastor because I love the Christian Church and it has become my home. Ever since I became a believer as a teenager, the church has been a home for me no matter where I was geographically or otherwise. I want all people who walk into the doors of a church to know they are loved and can feel at home.

"One of my favorite quotes is from author Jean Vanier:

'To love someone is to show to them their beauty, their worth and their importance.'

"My story and the story of my family is one of restoration, forgiveness, and new life in Jesus through this kind of love. My hope as a pastor is to walk alongside people and families inside and outside of the church to help them see their beauty, worth, and importance in the eyes of our heavenly father."

Jesus Christ has an eternal home for you, but also, a home for right now, today, in a community where you'll find love, hope, and restoration.

Join us in September as we welcome Sam and Jenna -- and you -- into our home here on La Cholla Boulevard.