Lenten Reading Plan

40 days of scripture reading together as a church family

Beginning on Thursday, 2/23, join us in a 40-day scripture reading plan leading us through the season of Lent right up to Resurrection Sunday. You can sign up for a daily text and/or email reminder which will include info about what specific scripture we'll be reading that day...together as one unified body of Christ. Pastor Sam will be linking the readings to our upcoming Community Night studies, too. Click the buttons below for info and to sign up for these discipleship and fellowship opportunities.

Wednesday, February 22nd was Ash Wednesday this Year

If you missed the service of repentance on Ash Wednesday, but would like to see the recording, please let us know by emailing Sue at [email protected].

We know you might have questions about this holiday...like, "isn't it just for Catholics?"...or..."why the ashes?"

Ash Wednesday is a special Christian day of prayer and repentance and marks the first day of the season of Lent, leading up to Easter. It's observed by Christians of many denominations, and is meant to help us focus our attention on God. Here's a short video clip that might help: Ash Wednesday in Two Minutes