Aid for Middle-Eastern Earthquake

You Can Help the Relief Effort

Our supported missionaries in Turkey, Marc and Anneliese Madrigal sent this urgent request for help to us at Grace. Can you help?

Urgent Request

Dear friends and family,

This is an urgent request for aid in the Turkey Earthquake. Millions of lives have been shattered, tens of thousands of lives have been lost. We’ve been involved since day 1 relocating families from Antioch to other cities, sending aid to the affected areas. Several of our pastors and church members have gone by their own means to rescue lives and distribute help but it’s not enough! We’re in need of aid, prayer, people who will be ambassadors in their own local church. We do not ask money for ourselves, we ask for your involvement to save lives!

As you know many Turks believe Christians to be their “enemies.” What better testimony for the Gospel and for people to experience the love of Christ than to show them unconditional love and support in their time of need!

If you feel led by the Spirit, please consider praying and also donating through Asia Minor ministries, a registered 501c3 not-for-profit charity organization which we work closely with and highly trust:

If you have questions about the charity or donations please contact: [email protected]

We love you,

Marc and Anneliese

If you would like to give through Realm, our secure online directory/giving tool, you can do that, too. Click the button below to be taken directly to the Realm giving page. From there use the Fund drop down menu to select "Aid for Turkey Earthquake" and process your gift.