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COVID-19 Crisis Relief Fund Request

Financial help when you need it the most

Crisis Relief Fund

We are all concerned about the impact of the coronavirus situation on our Grace family and broader community. We have created a “Crisis Relief Fund” that you can support financially. We expect the normal requests Grace receives for survival financial help to increase substantially.  We have a team in place that will review requests, distribute funds and provide updates.  The church leadership team will also be involved in the prioritization of larger needs and gifts. Thanks so much for your concern and generosity to those in need.

If you are new to Grace Community Church or new to our website, we exist for God, for people, for our city and for the world. We believe that God has placed us here for a purpose; that He has a plan in mind that includes us being able to practically show His love to those around us.

We all know about people who are suffering in this time of home sheltering, self-quarantines and social distancing. Thousands of people have recently lost jobs or experienced cutbacks that hurt deeply. Fear and anxiety are affecting nearly everyone. This is a time when your generosity can directly help meet the needs of those hurting.

God has blessed us with His gifts. May we be grateful for His generosity and continue to share those gifts with Grace and our community. Please pray for the families affected by this virus as well as our outreach efforts...and for our hearts to be made generously tender.

If you are in crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic, please fill out a COVID-19 Crisis Relief Request Form to have your request for assistance be considered.

Application process

▪ Follow instructions carefully and complete your request (below).

▪ Drop completed form at church office, or scan & email to the Benevolence Team.