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Breath Prayer

Breath Prayer is an ancient form of prayer that uses short, easy to remember phrases coupled with our breath to help us center ourselves and focus on God. Breath prayer does not go on and on asking for specific things for specific situations. There is nothing wrong with praying specific prayers, but the goal for breath prayer is to spend time in God’s Presence seeking to know God and to be known. Anchoring ourselves in God so we can remain anchored throughout our day.

A breath prayer is usually written in two phrases, one for the inhale, one for the exhale.


My God who rescues, I trust You for relief. (from Psalm 22)

Inhale a deep breath, feel your lungs expand, fill yourself completely.

Then say: My God who rescues,

Exhale slowly, releasing all the air,

and say: I trust You for relief.


From Psalm 74

Inhale: God, my king from ages past,

Exhale: bring salvation to me.

From Psalm 88

Inhale: God of my salvation

Exhale: be with me in the darkness. (replace darkness with any word that describes your situation: loneliness, fear, uncertainty, disappointment.)

From 1 John 1:5

Inhale: God who is only light

Exhale: help me see your light in this darkness.

From Hebrews 13:8

Inhale: Jesus,

Exhale: You never change.

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