2 - 2 - 2

40 days of drawing near to God.

2 - 2 - 2

2 times per day

• Morning & Noon, Noon & Evening, or Morning & Evening, etc.

2 to 20 minutes

• Scripture, silence, reflection and prayer

2 questions for reflection

• How is God showing His love to me, and through me today?

• As I think about my feelings, highs and lows of my day, what might God be saying to me?

Practices to try

Silence – Be still, quieting your thoughts and remembering that Jesus is with you through the Holy Spirit in you. Rest quietly in His loving care for a few minutes.

Reflection - Noticing our feelings can point us to where God might speak or want to interact with us. Fear, shame, anger, anxiety, joy and delight are good indicators of what we could talk to God about.  This is strikingly present in our readings in POETS.

Getting started (some examples)

Day 1

Morning – 10 minutes

  • Read Psalm 1 and reflect on what it might mean in my life today.
  • Pray through my day’s agenda.

After work – 5 minutes

  • What do I remember from Psalm 1?
  • Take a few moments to be still in Jesus’ presence.
  • Were there any emotional responses today that I want to speak to God about? Express thanks, ask for faith, confess bitterness, ask forgiveness, etc.

Day 2

Lunchtime – 5 minutes

  • Where did I see Gods’ love this morning? Beauty of the sunrise. Encouraging song on the radio. Phone call from a friend. Sense of peace in the midst of difficulty.
  • Where did God love others through me? Helping a colleague. Prayers for my family.
  • Take a few moments to be still in Jesus’ presence.

Before bed – 15 minutes

  • Read the POETS scripture portion for today or listen to the audio (see MyGrace.church/poets)
  • Reflect on my day and process my reactions with God in prayer.

Prayer ideas

• God, you are with me, but more, you are within me, giving me existence. Let me dwell for a moment on your life-giving presence in my body, my mind, my heart and in the whole of my life.

• In your presence, my loving Creator, I look honestly at my feelings over the last day, the highs, the lows and the level ground. Where have you been present, or when did I leave you out?


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