Make a Difference

Find ways to serve others through Grace.

Grace is a church that has a heart to serve. Whether it is in very public ways or private ways, each of us have opportunities to use our God-given talents, skills, and resources to bless others. Find out more information below.

The opportunities listed here require little training, offer flexible scheduling, and you can sign up online. There are five core areas where you can serve:

  • Care teams - provide practical help for individuals and families
  • Breezeway teams - extend a warm welcome to guests on Sundays
  • Kitchen teams - help provide food and hospitality for people at Grace
  • Office teams - work with the office to prepare the bulletin, presentations, and resources for the weekend
  • Stage teams - enhance our worship by providing drama, technical skills, or music/ video

Missions and outreach team

The Missions and Outreach Team (MOT) is looking for a couple of individuals who have a heart for missions. We meet on the third Thursday of every month to prayerfully evaluate how we can be the best stewards of the resources of Grace to spread the Gospel throughout the entire world. Two specific needs are:

  1. A missionary liaison - this individual will be tasked with making sure the body of Grace knows about the specific efforts that are being done around the globe by missionaries we support. Part of this position will be providing Pastor Dave and others a regular report so that it can be shared with the entire church. This position should take about 4-5 hours per month.
  2. A local outreach champion - this individual will be added to the MOT's monthly meetings with a focus on making sure that we are most effectively reaching into the local areas with the Gospel. Total commitment is about 2 hours per month.

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